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Fide et Labore

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St Patrick's College is a private boys' school in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. It was founded in 1850 by Roman Catholic missionaries.

Jaffna Catholic English School was Established in 1850. Later, Jaffna Boys' Seminary was given the name of the school. The school changed its name to St. Patrick's College on January 10, 1881, and was thereafter registered as a high school. The school's first Rector was Rev. John Smythe, a former member of the Ceylon Civil Services.

This school's new era of development began in 1862 with Brother Conway's appointment as Principal of the School. A roll of numbers was increased, and A high sense of responsibility and discipline prevailed in the school The students accepted the challenge and performed admirably on their tests. Teachers shared this commitment and dedication. Beginning in 1862, College developed and made significant advancements under his leadership. The first local examination ever to be held in Sri Lanka showed remarkably achievement

Before taking over as rector in 1906 in place of Fr. Beaus, Rev Charles Matthews, a graduate of a Canadian university, had taught at St. Patrick's for three years. Except for a brief interruption, he held the position until 1936, making him the chief architect of St. Patrick's because he held it for the longest time.

It would be impossible to list all of the accomplishments the school made during his tenure. He organized the college, imposed harsh discipline, and established rules and regulations. Sports and studies were systematized and gained popularity. The London Matriculation examination results at the time were the best in the British Empire, as guaranteed for three years by St Patrick's. For several years in a row, the College won championships in the sports of soccer, cricket, and athletics.

In 1960, the government took over the majority of private schools in Ceylon, but SPC chose to operate efficiently as a non-profit institution.

The school motto is ” Fide et Labore”. Latin words which mean “Faith and Work”

Our norms.


Fide et Labore.


Pursuing Excellence in Education and Character.


Total commitment and optimum use of the resources to obtain the best quality in everyone .


To make the child a well integrated person and an asset to the society.


Transform the child into a unique personality.

the management.

Rector:Rev Fr A P Thirumahan
Rev Fr A P Thirumahan
Vice Rector
Vice Rector:Rev Dr Mahan Aloysius
Rev Dr Mahan Aloysius
Bursar:Rev Fr E Edwinathan
Rev Fr E Edwinathan
Deputy Principle - Discipline
Deputy Principle - Discipline:Mr. R.C. Suresh Augustine
Mr. R.C. Suresh Augustine
Deputy Principal - Curriculam
Deputy Principal - Curriculam:Mr. P.A.A. Benchalaw
Mr. P.A.A. Benchalaw
Prefect of Studies - Primary Section
Prefect of Studies - Primary Section:Rev. Sr. M. Niranjali, A.C
Rev. Sr. M. Niranjali, A.C
Prefect of Studies - Junior Section
Prefect of Studies - Junior Section:Rev.Fr. Thusiyanthan
Rev.Fr. Thusiyanthan
Prefect of Studies - Senior Secondary Section
Prefect of Studies - Senior Secondary Section:Rev.Fr. S. Santhirathas OMI
Rev.Fr. S. Santhirathas OMI
Prefect of Games
Prefect of Games:Mr. M. Berty Bannister
Mr. M. Berty Bannister


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