Battle of the Golds 2022

Battle of the Golds 2022

Battle of Golds 2022...

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academia1992 A/L Batch has sponsorship

1992 A/L Batch has sponsorship

We extend our special sense of gratitude to the old Patrician of the 1992 A/L batch for sponsoring 4...

sportsBattle of the Golds 2022

Battle of the Golds 2022

Battle of Golds 2022...

auxilaryJaffna Health City

Jaffna Health City

A seminar was organized by the Health Committee of the College on 8th Dec. 2021 to promote Jaffna as...

announcementInstallation Of New Prefects 2021/2022

Installation Of New Prefects 2021/2022

The installation of the new Board of Prefects for the year 2021/2022 took place today during the mor...

announcementChristmas Message From Fr. Rector – 2020

Christmas Message From Fr. Rector – 2020

I am happy indeed to present this Christmas message to you, through our College website which we hav...

academiaFelicitating The University Entrants

Felicitating The University Entrants

The College thanks to the Jaffna OBA Committee Members for felicitating 28 students who got their un...

celebrationEpiscopal Ordination Anniversary

Episcopal Ordination Anniversary

Our Lordship Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Justin B. Gnanapragasam celebrates the 6th anniversary of his Episc...

auxilarySiramadhana To Prevent Dengue

Siramadhana To Prevent Dengue

Last week was observed as Dengue Prevention Week. A special Siramadhana was organised and done withi...

auxilaryFirst Aid Training For Patricians

First Aid Training For Patricians

Last week, the U.S. Embassy coordinated with Sri Lanka Life Saving to provide #firstaid training to ...

auxilaryGerman Ambassador Visits St. Patrick’s College

German Ambassador Visits St. Patrick’s College

Hon. Holger Seubert, the German Ambassador for Sri Lanka visited the College today. St. Patrick’s ha...

academiaA Seminar For Teachers & Students

A Seminar For Teachers & Students

Prof. J. C. N. Rajendra, an old boy of our College conducted seminars for our teachers and students ...

sportsTennis Coaching Camp

Tennis Coaching Camp

There was a Tennis Coaching Camp for kids at St Patrick's College playground this morning. Many kids...

celebration7th Ordination Anniversary Of Our Fr. Rector

7th Ordination Anniversary Of Our Fr. Rector

Fr. Rector A.P. Thirumahan celebrates his 17th Ordination Anniversary today. He celebrated the Anniv...

academiaComputer Course

Computer Course

The Patricians who sat the G.C.E. O/L exams in January 2021 have started a computer course at the Co...

celebrationVisit Of Director And Coordinator Of Goethe Institute Colombo

Visit Of Director And Coordinator Of Goethe Institute Colombo

Director and Coordinator of Goethe institute Colombo visited St. Patrick’s College Jaffna on 23rd Ma...


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