Christmas Message From Fr. Rector – 2020

I am happy indeed to present this Christmas message to you, through our College website which we hav...

Fri Mar 03 2023

Mahan Aloysius

Christmas Message From Fr. Rector – 2020

I am happy indeed to present this Christmas message to you, through our College website which we have newly designed with the help of some old boys, our staff and students. It is our long-awaited need to have a website of our College and today it is fulfilled. I am really happy to launch this website today on this Christmas day. It is our College, one and only official website. The College Facebook, which is also the official one, has been linked to this College website. I hope that we will be able to contact you all easily through this website. I also hope that this will strengthen our relationship with the old patricians to work more closely for the good of the College. I take this opportunity to appreciate and express my sincere thanks to all those who worked hard to develop the College website.

The year 2020 brought us unexpected challenges and setbacks in the fields of education and sports. But we never gave up. With the tremendous help of our old boys and well-wishers, we continued our teaching via Zoom and Microsoft Teams technology and you all know the result of our tireless efforts. 25 students got through in the Grade 5 Scholarship examination and brought fame to the College. We hope for more success in future. I am really pleased to convey my deepest sense of gratitude for all the financial support and encouragement given by the old boys home and abroad. May God bless you and your families abundantly.

My Christmas message to you is based on the Christmas message given by our Pope Francis in 2017. The pope says that we are Christmas in many ways such us Christmas star is you, Christmas card is you, Christmas gift is you and so on and so forth. One of the aspects which I admire most is that ‘you are a Christmas light’.

You are a Christmas light, when you illuminate with your life the path of others with kindness, patience, joy and generosity. As we all have been affected and discouraged in many ways because of the spread of the virus, this Christmas invites us to be generous with one another – not being generous in giving some materials things but being generous in showing our kindness and patience. And let’s us be kind and patient with joyful hearts. May the Holy Infant of Bethlehem find your joyful hearts with kindness and patience a perfect place to be born.

Once again, I thank you all for all what you have done to your Alma Mater and wish you all God’s abundant blessings. Let us welcome the year 2021 with the hope that God may lead us to success in all what we undertake.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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